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Most of us know that MILF stands for "Mom I'd Like to Fuck", and while no one has nailed down the exact origin of the acronym, movies such as American Pie are often credited with making the term popular. When most people think of a MILF they associate the term with teenage boys lusting for a friend's hot mom.

The idea itself of wanting to fuck an older women or a friends hot mom far outdates the actual term used today. We see the concept showing up in many ways. This is evidenced by songs such as Mrs. Robinson or movies like The Graduate where a young university graduate is seduced by an older woman.

So while the concept is not new, the popularity of the term MILF and Mommies in sex videos, magazines and books in todays society is largely due to the porn industry grabbing onto the term and using it as a niche online. Young men were lusting after their friends hot moms long before the actual term was used and will no doubt continue to enjoy this poplular fantasy of being with an older woman.

Wikipedia defines "MILF" as women ages 35 to 50; however in porn movies the women can be as young as 25 years old. In addition, many young men fantasize about older women with large breasts also known as “Busty”. A Busty MILF is considered very desirable within this niche and is a main focus of a lot of material you will see produced.

It’s not always the younger men after the big busty older women either. The rolls can also be reversed in which the older woman is after the man and in this instance the term “Cougar” is used. Twilight is a good example of a movie popular with cougar moms. is a fan website that has reported more than 30 thousand registered members. A fanbase of hot moms of this size as you can imagine can create some issues for some of the younger actors. One of the stars has said they were caught off guard when a 40 year old woman decided to remove her panties so that he could autograph them. Whether it’s cougars or MILF porn that occupies our sexual fanatsies it’s pretty obvious that the the idea of an older mommy or a younger man for the cougar are inbedded in our culture for good.